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Christmas tree themes can be both traditional and contemporary. Here are some popular Christmas tree theme ideas.

Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas tree decoration is one of the most fun filled activities during the holiday season. People decorate their Christmas trees with beautiful tree ornaments to make it the most attractive. Christmas tree themes are also applied by people who want their Christmas tree to look unique. There are both traditional and contemporary Christmas tree themes that can significantly change the look of your Christmas tree. Here are some popular Christmas tree theme ideas that you can use this Christmas, to decorate your Christmas tree and make it look the best!
  • White Christmas tree theme: The white Christmas tree theme is one of the most popular themes. This theme looks elegant in the snowy winter. Instead of the usual greens and reds, decorate your Christmas tree with white and icy blue ornaments. You may use snowman ornaments or clear snowflake ornaments. White beaded garland with white blinking Christmas tree lights look the best for your white Christmas tree theme. Purchase tree ornaments made of see through plastic or crystal so that it looks like as if the tree is dripping with frozen and glittering shapes. Give the final addition to the Christmas tree by spraying simulated snow that comes in an aerosol can. Gently spray this to make your Christmas tree look frostier.
  • Country Christmas tree theme: The country Christmas theme looks quite attractive. Decorate your Christmas tree using wooden ornament, gingerbread ornaments, popcorn chains, or cranberry garlands, brown, green, and red Christmas ornaments The ornaments that perfectly suit your country Christmas theme include miniature deer, glass fish, little tackle boxes, realistic looking birds, pine cone ornaments or anything else that gives the rustic look. Accent your Christmas tree with black checkered tree skirt and white Christmas tree lights.
  • Old-fashioned Christmas tree theme: Old-fashioned Christmas tree is here to stay. The much-adored theme includes the use of simple and sober Christmas ornaments and lights. A pale white blinking Christmas tree lights is enough to give the classy look to your Christmas tree decorated according to this theme. Fix cranberry or popcorn chains as garlands for the tree. Hang them in small curves or let them flow down the Christmas tree. Homemade ornaments usually made of pinecones, apples and wrapped candies were used to decorate the Christmas tree. You may use small dolls, angels, eatable ornaments such as little nets filled with popcorns to decorate your Christmas tree.
  • Edible Christmas tree theme: What else can be more tempting than a tree full of yummy eatables? This Christmas, give your kids a pleasant surprise with delicious treats hanging on the Christmas tree. Decorate your Christmas tree with candies, cookies, wrapped chocolates and other goodies. Choose colorful ribbons such as silver, gold, red, and green to attach the ornaments to the tree. Use a number of candy canes to accentuate the look of the tree. Do not use metal hooks to hang the ornaments so that the kids do not get hurt when taking their treats off from the tree.