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Outdoor Christmas tree decorated with colorful Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights is a visual treat for the Christmas season.

Outdoor Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is the centre of attraction in all celebrations of the most holy festival in the Christian calendar - Christmas. A Christmas tree holds a very special place in Christmas customs and rituals. It is considered holy and holds an important position during this blessed occasion. The tradition of outdoor Christmas tree has seen considerable changes lately. The first illuminated Christmas tree appeared on Boston Public ground in the early 1900s. Since then, illumined Christmas trees have seen tremendous growth in North American regions. As such, this has started gaining popularity in Europe ever since it was introduced in European regions in mid-20th century.

The chilling winter nights are perfect for Christmas festival with the striking contrast of dark nights and white snow. Outdoor Christmas tree displayed with beautiful Christmas ornaments gives a visual treat on this festive occasion. The snowy background is the perfect theme for colorful Christmas lights and ornaments. Ornaments with different shapes and sizes can be used to decorate Christmas trees. These colorful ornaments and garlands include candy canes, stars, toys, bells, and Santa Claus hats. Various glittering lights are also used to illuminate the outdoor Christmas tree. Here are mentioned some ideas that will help you in making your Christmas tree beautiful and attractive.
  • Always use a natural Christmas tree and avoid artificial Christmas trees whenever setting up a Christmas tree outdoors.
  • Order Christmas trees directly from Christmas trees farm. Christmas trees supplied by local traders are usually not fresh.
  • A tall and huge Christmas tree can give a visual treat if decorated properly. However, keep your budget and size of your garden in mind while indulging in such a decoration.
  • Outdoor Christmas tree can be used in various places such outside your house or office.
  • You can plant the tree after you have brought it from the market. Water these plants regularly to keep them fresh.
  • Dig a big hole for the Christmas tree. Dig a bigger hole for larger trees unless you want them to fall on you! Remove all non-biodegradable dirt and plastics while digging the hole.
  • It is advisable to use smaller lights for decoration as bigger lights exude lots of heat that can harm the leaves of Christmas trees.
  • The position of the Christmas tree is important. Do not plant it in-between other huge trees as it will create cluttering and perhaps, the Christmas tree will go unnoticed.
  • Choose Christmas lights thoughtfully. Choose the ones that suit the height and width of the Christmas tree.